Who We Are

Bizmate24 is an information portal that covers investment technology news, reviews and the implications.  It is our belief that time is a limited resource, irrespective of the present being the information age not everyone has the time to derive maximum value from digital assets such as the internet. Such being the case, Bizmate24 focusing on Southern Africa seeks to create a one-stop shop for information. By providing insights on investech products, services, policies and their implications on the livelihood of natural and legal persona. Inquest of fostering a culture of doing more with less & viewing technology and livelihood with the same brain.

Our Mission

Bridge the digital divide through provision of information


Our Objectives

  • Foster a culture of innovation
  • Provide quality information
  • Aide the building of a knowledge economy
  • Enable the maximization of digital assets by the masses
  • Celebrate African solutions to African problems

Our Values


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Cultural diversity & originality